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You are not Here by Accident

How to have Hope

Hope is the expectation or belief that things will be better in the future. In Christ the future and indeed the present is bright indeed. Now the problem is what is called sin and this sin is what removes us from hope and that bright future. Sin is basically anything that breaks relationship, most specifically with God. According to Scripture everyone has sinned and has broken that relationship. We each one have removed ourselves from a perfect relationship with God. This is where we lost our hope. To have hope we must return to that relationship. The problem is WE can't. This is why Jesus died on the cross. He died to repair our relationship with Him and God. How do we accept His gift?

1) recognize and accept that we removed ourselves from the relationship and that we are unable to fix it.
2) believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the only way to repair our relationship.
3) accept His gift of forgiveness.
4) tell someone what you have done.
I recommend that you find and attend a Bible believing church, to grow in your relationship with God.



I was raised in a very dysfunctional home. My parents were volatile and violent alcoholics. We were marched into church every Sunday and then got the stuffing beat out of us the rest of the time. I spent my 20’s and 30’s hating God and wanting nothing to do with Him. I was a professional model. I partied a lot and did many things God would not have approved of. Those were very dark days for me. I was on five different kinds of anti-depressive medications. Sometimes I was not even able to get out of bed. I may have hated God, but he was not finished with me yet. Not long ago, when I was 50 years old I had run next door to my neighbor’s apartment. She had company. There was a woman, Tina that I had never seen before. She was an obvious Meth addict and lived on the street. The woman was not what stopped me in my tracks, but beside her was a skinny 3year old little girl. Cassey was filthy dirty and starving and hungry. All I could think of was getting a hold of her and feeding and bathing her. Cassey was a mirror image of me at 3years of age. Two nights later I was woken up at 11:30pm. It was Tina asking if I could baby sit for a couple of hours. I said sure. Tina did not come back for 3 months!! I just took care of Cassey. I did not know that anything about CPS or desertion or that what Tina did was illegal. I met Cassey’s great grandparents Shirley and John and would visit them. They were Christians and very nice people and keep inviting me to church. Shirley gave me a Bible, but I wouldn’t go to church. They kept inviting me but I refused until I finally got desperate enough. I was having such troubles with Cassey. I wanted her to be raised in a Christian church. I thought no matter how I feel about God there are good life lessons in a Christian upbringing. On one of the visits with Shirley and John I accepted the invitation to attend church. So I met with Pastor Greg Rolfe. I told him I did not believe, but would sit quietly so Cassey could be raised in a church. Cassey went to children’s Sunday school and Shirley took me by the hand to the adult Sunday school class. We also went to the church service. Susan was my Sunday school teacher and I ask her a thousand questions. Susan kept telling me God loved me, but I could not hear this because I was never in my life told I was loveable, until one day she got through to me. I was amazed God loved me. I wanted to know more of this church. It was so different then the church I was raised in. I began to feel God’s love through the wonderful people at the church. I also began to understand that I need to be forgiven and that Jesus forgave me. It was so gradual, but I finally believed God loves me and that baptism is a sign that you are accepting Jesus as your personal savior. I went forward on a Sunday morning and publically professed my faith in Jesus Christ. I was baptized soon after. I remember bringing a paper bag to carry my wet clothes home in, mistake. The first thing that changed in my life is that my life long battle with depression was lifted from me. It was a miracle. I still have problems and make mistakes, but I have HOPE. Life is not dark and depressing any more. My life changed after salvation. Troubles are not insurmountable. I have God to figure out my path. Praise God!

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